Curing RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

Being a computer user all my life was bound to catch up with me, and it did several years ago. One day, I started having constant pain in my wrists, hands and fingers. Having never experienced something like this before, I assumed it would go away, so I continued working as per usual for the next week. Unfortunately the pain did not go away and I was forced to cut down on typing and using my PC.

After seeing my doctor, he prescribed the usual RSI treatment, anti-inflammatory medication (Naprosyn), a wrist brace and as little typing and computer use as possible. I was also asked to do an EMG (electromyogram) to see if I had carpal tunnel syndrome, this test came back negative. I was also referred to a specialist which suggested further traditional treatment options, an operation (if even possible) or a cortisone shot, neither of which sounded too inviting.

After many months of the standard treatment and heaps of trouble performing day to day tasks at work, I decided to investigate alternative remedies to the problem. These remedies have helped me recover almost entirely after several months of use.

Obviously, the following suggestions may not work for everyone, but they certainly did for me. I have no association with any of the companies that produce the products mentioned below, my comments are purely based on personal experience.

  • Traditional Medication: I stopped using the anti-inflammatory medication and continued to use the wrist brace. The wrist brace was used on bad days when I had a reasonable amount of pain.
  • CT Cream (now known as Penetrex): I was extremely impressed with this cream, it offered an effective anti-inflammatory solution which is completely natural and has no known side effects. I found this immediately effective and calming, it actually is also helpful for other aches too.
  • Myotherapy: A friend (Julia) is a myotherapist, which I went and saw for several weeks. She performed some deep massage and dry needling (similar to acupuncture). I found the deep massage extremely helpful in particular. Just follow the advice given to you by your therapist about water consumption and stretches and you should notice improvement.
  • Powerballs: These little exercise devices are simply amazing! I would say that they played a huge role in helping my condition. They assist you with strengthening your wrists and getting the blood flow going to aid recovery.
  • Cardio: Walking and cycling are extremely helpful in stimulating blood flood to hands and wrists. If you are over-weight, this is a good opportunity to lose a couple of kgs too. Having a healthy cardiovascular system assists with the recovery of RSI.

I hope that this information was helpful to someone out there :)

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